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We are: Dr. Brendan Carr - President and CEO of William Osler Health System Kiki Ferrari - Interim Executive Vice President, Clinical Services Dr. Frank Martino - Chief of Staff We write about health care issues focusing on the diverse communities William Osler Health System serves in Brampton and Etobicoke. Anything goes, from fun facts and tidbits about our hospital, to progress in redeveloping and renewing our facilities. Got something to say? Check out our posting policy to ensure our moderator doesn't scrap your comment as spam!

Visiting unsung heroes at Osler’s Withdrawal Management Centre

Helen Danakas has been supporting people with addictions through her work at Osler’s Withdrawal Management Centre for more than two decades.

In this week’s video blog, I stop by the Centre to chat with her about the life-changing care that happens there every day and what inspires her and the team to keep going.


Compression-only CPR: A simple life-saving skill we should all learn

This week’s guest blogger is Dr. Frank Martino, William Osler Health System’s Chief of Staff.

Did you know that Osler serves a population with one of the highest incidence of cardiac arrest in the province?

The reality is that 14 per cent of all cardiac arrests in Ontario happen in the Central West LHIN, with the majority of patients coming to our hospitals for care.

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Bringing hope and healing through research

Dr. Ron Heslegrave

Osler’s Corporate Chief of Research, Dr. Ron Heslegrave, works with EMS to test a new medical device for heart attack patients.

This week’s guest blogger is Dr. Ron Heslegrave, Osler’s Corporate Chief of Research

How many of you made a resolution to learn a new skill in 2018? To improve your health or discover a new passion? As I rang in 2018, it occurred to me that the very things that inspire our own personal New Year’s Resolutions – learning, improving, discovering – also drive Osler’s Research and Innovation Program.

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Caring for patients over the holidays

Every year throughout the holiday period, we experience an increase in demand for care at Osler. Continuing to provide patient-inspired care during surge takes commitment, compassion, and a lot of planning by the entire Osler team.

In this week’s video blog, I chat with Joanne Bridle in Environmental Services about how surge impacts her and the support service staff.


Holiday health care options

This week’s guest blogger is Dr. Frank Martino, Chief of Staff

It’s never an intended part of anyone’s holiday plans – a fever, stomach bug, infection, broken bone or cut. But illnesses and accidents don’t seem to care much about the date on the calendar.

If they did, we wouldn’t see significant increases in patient volumes at our hospitals during the holiday season. Holiday surge, however, has become the norm at Osler, along with most other hospitals across the country. Last year at Osler, our team cared for an unprecedented 25,734 patients over a two week period in December and January, with the highest volumes on December 26. Continue reading

Our community. Our family.

Guest blog by Ken Mayhew, President and CEO, William Osler Health System Foundation

This past summer, I had the incredible opportunity to once again travel to China. It was a meaningful trip because I have two wonderful daughters that my wife and I adopted from China. To be able to bring my daughters back to the country of their birth was incredibly special and led me to reflect on the importance and meaning of family.

The word ‘family’ means something different for everyone. Some find their family in those related by blood, others find family in their spouses, friends, caregivers and co-workers. Continue reading