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Having worked in health care for over 25 years, as both a senior leader and a physician, I am passionate about the patient experience and the delivery of safe, quality care. It’s a privilege to provide a service that is so meaningful to people’s lives and the overall health of our growing community.

About William Osler Health System

William Osler Health System is a hospital system that serves 1.3 million residents of Brampton, Etobicoke, and surrounding communities within the Central West Local Health Integration Network. Osler’s emergency departments are among the busiest in Canada and its labour and delivery program is one of the largest in the province. William Osler Health System Foundation builds and fosters relationships in order to raise funds to support William Osler Health System’s capital, education and research priorities at Brampton Civic Hospital, Etobicoke General Hospital and the new Peel Memorial Centre for Integrated Health & Wellness.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dear Mr. Anderson:

    I am writing to thank William Osler Health Centre for its excellent Cardiac Rehab Program. In August 2014, I had an angiagram at your Brampton Hospital Site and it found a 99% blockage in the main artery to my heart. Dr. Racco did the procedure. He and all the nurses who took care of me over night were wonderful and caring. In November 2014 I was invited to participate in the Cardiac Rehab Program which I took at the Etobicoke General Hospital site. After hearing about what the program involved, I was very excited to participate. Having access to a personal trainer, a nurse, a dietician, a social worker and psychologist for free was too good to be true. I understand this was covered by OHIP. It was also great having 13 other participants like me who had heart conditions, heart attack, by-passes, stents. We were all little bit scared not knowing what our futures would hold. Zdravka and Brenda are wonderful. They are knowledgeable and caring and were able to answer any questions we had. The rehab exercise program was really great. We started off slowly, just walking, then gradually moved up to the bike and treadmill, then to exercise bands, small weights and circuit training. They made all the sessions practical and fun.Although some of us, me included, were somewhat resistant to some of the lifestyle changes they urged us to make, both Brenda and Zdravka remained lighthearted yet steadfast in helping us change our outlook.
    We learned many different ways to make exercise fun, how to use weights with proper form and how to get the most out of our workouts.
    i also received great coaching on how to adjust my diet which really worked. With a strong family history of heart disease and very few personal risk factors, I was shocked to find out that I had such a blockage. I take nothing for granted any more and will continue my new lifestyle of exercising faithfully 5 times per week and eating a healthy diet. Apparently, there is no shortage of persons being referred to the cardiac rehab program but thankfully they are in good hands with Zdravka and Brenda. I hope you will recognize them in some way for having such a great impact on my life.

    Thank you so much!!

    Cheryl Browne

    • Hi Cheryl, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your kind words. We continuously strive to provide patients with an exceptional experience every time they walk through our doors. I am delighted to know that your procedure and recovery went well.

      I wish you all the best, and thank you again for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog!

  2. Hello there Mathew Anderson.\

    I have a comment and question. First the comment is that I love the fast and friendly staff at Etobicoke general. The question I have is that I currently was looking into my medical record from October 21st 2014 when I tripped on the roads and the insurance company was wanting this record. I have never had to have needed a record. Was I suppose to get this copy when I left the hospital. I researched a bunch And it say there is so many fees for getting one. I think this is crazy that you would have to spend money for a copy of something that happened to you for an insurance company. MY copy is only a page probably about my cat scan and x-ray and what the doctor said to me about my concusion. Is there any way if I gave you his email you could email him a copy please. This has already taken too long and I want it over with.

    • Hi Susan, thank you for your lovely comment about the staff at Etobicoke General. If you are looking for records for personal purposes, there is a $30 fee. However, as it sounds like this record is going to your physician, our medical records staff can fax it over to your doctor at their request with no charge. The best way to sort this out would be to email public_relations@williamoslerhs.ca with your information and we will get the ball rolling. Thank you again for taking the time to ask a question.

  3. Date June 6, 2014: After the chest tube surgery my father, Parkash Singh Sandhu, was transferred to room 7045 EGH. At about 7:30 pm he wanted to use the washroom. I called the nurse named Errit to help me. She responded that he had to wait because she was busy. After 25 minutes I asked her again this time she yelled at me and told me to wait. My father was in dire need to use the washroom and was very disoriented, confused and helpless. I ended up helping him use the bedpan on his bed and then cleaning him up by myself. My father’s designated nurse didn’t show up. I thought she might be really busy. At 10:50pm my father wanted to use the washroom again and I called the nurse to help me and she gave the same answer with an attitude that she was busy and my Father had to wait. I waited for 30 minutes she didn’t show up. I went out of my Dad’s room and I saw her just walking when I asked her to help my dad; she responded that she can’t help him right now. My dad was crying for help and I used the bedpan with my Dad. I cleaned him myself and looked after him myself. At 12:05 Errit was standing outside the room 7045 and I asked her to help my Dad then she called another nurse who introduced her as Sandra. Sandra tapped on her chest and told me that she is the charge nurse. This is the first word Sandra said ”Visiting hours are over, why are you here?”. Both Sandra and Errit started bullying and harassing me so much that I went to my dad’s room and cried in pain and humiliation. I had a great experience with all the other nursing staff in EGH.
    Nurses like Harjinder Brar, Elaine, Dina, Pardeep and others gave me and my family a great time and they looked after my father very well. Nurses like Errit and Sandra give a bad impression to all the nursing staff . These two individuals have no sympathy, care, or passion to look after people. They are arrogant with no public relations skills. Please take the necessary action against these two individuals so that no one else may suffer in their hands. Me and my family salute to your rest of the nursing staff. Once again thanks for your help.
    Surinder Sandhu

    • Dear Mr. Sandhu,
      Thank you for sharing your concerns regarding the care your father received at Etobicoke General Hospital. I understand that our Patient Care Manager has been in touch, but I also wanted to apologize for the experience that you and your father had at our hospital. At Osler, we strive to provide compassionate, patient-inspired care in a positive, healing environment and we regret that your family faced any form of unhelpfulness or disrespect.
      Aside from that particular incident, I am happy to hear that your father received excellent care from our physicians and staff. Our patients mean the world to us and are the reason we do what we do every day.
      Matthew Anderson
      President and CEO
      William Osler Health System

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