Osler Family Medicine Residency Program turns 10

This week’s guest blogger is Dr. Frank Martino, Osler’s Chief of Staff

We are celebrating an important milestone at Osler this year – the 10th anniversary of the Osler Family Medicine Residency Program.

medical resident (1)

Osler’s 2018-2019 Family Medicine Residents

It won’t surprise you to know that this program is near and dear to my heart. I was there at the very beginning, helping to spearhead the partnership with McMaster University and supporting its evolution into the top-notch program that exits today.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on the program these past few weeks – where it started, where it is today, and where it is heading. Suffice to say, I am incredibly proud and believe that our program is, hands-down, training some of the best family doctors in the country.

Like the community we serve, Osler’s Family Medicine Residency Program has seen steep growth. In its first year, we accepted just two residents. This year, we took on 11, including two international residents. The competition is tough – and I mean really tough – with many applicants vying for these coveted spots.

Osler’s Family Medicine Program is highly sought after – and for good reason. We’ve built a reputation for providing learners with invaluable “boots on the ground” experience with plenty of one-on-one learning opportunities, supervised by family medicine preceptors active in hospital care, home care, long-term care, ER, palliative medicine, paediatrics and obstetrics. As I write this, I am reminded of our namesake – Sir William Osler – who was the first physician to bring medical students out of the lecture hall and into the hospital for bedside clinical training. He knew then that this type of ‘real-world’ learning was invaluable.

We see the value of our Family Medicine Residency Program every day. Our residents challenge us to be the best we can be. They elevate the quality of care we provide, compelling us to always practice evidence-informed medicine. Conversely, we equip our residents with the unique skills and knowledge to provide excellent care to families in this community.

Osler’s Family Medicine Residents complete their residency with an intimate understanding of the nuances and challenges unique to the populations we serve; and they graduate knowing the importance of having a strong affiliation with their community hospital. Another brag-worthy fact is that approximately 60 per cent of our family medicine residents have chosen to stay in the community and surrounding regions, with many joining our hospital staff.

The future of Osler’s Family Medicine Residency Program is indeed bright and I know it will continue to have a great impact on the health and wellness of our community in the years to come. Congratulations to all our past and future graduates and here’s to another amazing 10 years!

medical resident (2)

Osler’s 2018-2019 Family Medicine Residents

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