Caring for patients over the holidays

Every year throughout the holiday period, we experience an increase in demand for care at Osler. Continuing to provide patient-inspired care during surge takes commitment, compassion, and a lot of planning by the entire Osler team.

In this week’s video blog, I chat with Joanne Bridle in Environmental Services about how surge impacts her and the support service staff.


Holiday health care options

This week’s guest blogger is Dr. Frank Martino, Chief of Staff

It’s never an intended part of anyone’s holiday plans – a fever, stomach bug, infection, broken bone or cut. But illnesses and accidents don’t seem to care much about the date on the calendar.

If they did, we wouldn’t see significant increases in patient volumes at our hospitals during the holiday season. Holiday surge, however, has become the norm at Osler, along with most other hospitals across the country. Last year at Osler, our team cared for an unprecedented 25,734 patients over a two week period in December and January, with the highest volumes on December 26. Continue reading