Busting the biggest nutrition myths

Is eating eggs bad for my cholesterol? Do avocados make me gain weight? Is eating smaller meals throughout the day healthier than having three square meals? These are some of food-based questions many of us wrestle with every day.

During Nutrition Month, the focus on healthy living can become even more intense. This month not only reminds us of the essential role Osler’s dietitians have in keeping patients healthy, it gives us an opportunity to tap into this skilled team to clarify myths, misconceptions and downright untruths about food.

We want to eat healthy but with so much conflicting information out there, knowing how to give your body what it needs is no easy task. And with health-related information coming in from so many different directions, it can be difficult to decode good nutrition from bad.

Our dietitians always like to have a little fun during Nutrition Month, and this year they’ve debunked some of the biggest nutrition myths to give you a better idea of how to best feed your body. Our monthly Live Well with Osler focuses on five common nutrition myths and we’ve also created some fun videos that can help you make smarter choices next time you visit the grocery store.

Nutrition Myths Debunked: The Avocado

Avocados are one of most popular superfoods in the grocery store today. But is it really the Clark Kent of fruits?

Nutrition Myths Debunked: Cholesterol and Eggs

We know that eggs pack a healthy protein punch but some older studies link them to high dietary cholesterol. Is this information all it’s cracked up to be?

Nutrition Myths Debunked: Pure Fruit Juice

Many of us look at pure fruit juice as an easy way to get our required five to 10 servings a day. But do hidden sugars derail our good intentions?

With the opening of the new Peel Memorial, Osler is committed to focusing on health, wellness and the prevention of illness. Education is a big part of Peel Memorial’s programming and we will work with patients to help prevent health issues, manage chronic disease and live a healthier, active life.

Are there any more food myths that have you puzzled? Let us know in the comments!

Your health care options for March Break

It’s hard to believe that it’s already March Break. We’ve had a roller coaster of a year so far as we’ve continued to experience significant patient volumes throughout our sites. This steady pace has me thinking about taking some time to relax and recharge my batteries.

Even though we all try to do our best to stay healthy, especially when there is a vacation or school break coming up, it doesn’t always work out that way. But Osler has you covered.

If you’re staying close to home this March Break and do need to visit us, you now have another option in addition to the emergency departments at Brampton Civic and Etobicoke General. Peel Memorial’s new Urgent Care Centre (UCC) is here to help when it’s not an emergency, but it can’t wait. Some examples of non-life threatening illnesses or injuries that can be treated at the UCC include:

  • Sprains and broken bones
  • Cuts that might need stitches
  • Allergic reactions, skin rashes
  • Asthma attacks
  • Minor burns
  • Fevers, coughs and colds
  • Infections
  • Nose and throat complaints

If you find yourself in an emergency health situation where you have severe chest pain, stroke symptoms or you are uncertain, always CALL 9-1-1 or go to your nearest emergency department.

For those lucky enough to be travelling, our Live Well with Osler series has a helpful list of the five things you should think about before travelling that can keep you safe and healthy during your trip.

Another way is to get vaccinated against the flu. Believe it or not, flu season ends in April and the best way to prevent getting the flu is to get vaccinated. While it’s a personal choice to get a flu vaccine, there are still many ways for you to get one. Make an appointment to see your family doctor or visit your pharmacist at a participating pharmacy while you’re stocking your first aid kit.

I wish you all a safe and healthy break. Have fun!