Osler’s award-winning approach to high-quality patient care

It’s only the second full week of February and we already have a lot to celebrate! On January 31, at the Central West Local Health Integration Network’s inaugural Quality Awards, the spotlight was on Osler as we were recognized for excellence in our work to deliver exemplary care to the patients we serve.

The awards celebrate transformative initiatives that positively impact patient care and Osler received one of two 2017 Quality Awards for Physician Initial Assessment and Emergency Department Length of Stay in the Etobicoke General Hospital emergency department (ED). Lead by Dr. Sameer D’Souza and Helen Romas, this work has helped transform the ED at EGH into a top-performing ED in the Province.

We also received an honourable mention for the PoET (Prevention of Error-Based Transfers) Project, led by Dr. Paula Chidwick and Dr. Jill Oliver from Osler’s Ethics team. Designed to reduce error-based transfers between long-term care to hospital, PoET aligns the culture of decision-making with the wishes, values and beliefs of patients ultimately resulting in improved quality of care.

Congratulations to these teams on their well-deserved honours! This work is a testament to our commitment to innovative care delivered with compassion as Osler continues to be recognized as a quality organization that embraces innovative and effective approaches to providing safe, quality patient care.

In fact, we recently received word from Accreditation Canada that Osler has been awarded with two additional leading practice designations, which brings our total to SEVEN – a new record for us!

  • The Power of Diversity Change Champions for Safe, Equitable and Quality Health Care
  • Cleanliness and Fluorescent Marker Audit Practice

A leading practice is a national recognition that must meet at least two distinctions: we do something that no one else in the country does and we do something unique or better than anyone else in the country. The fact that we were recognized seven times is nothing short of remarkable.

As we move forward with our back to basics strategy around the consistent delivery of safe, quality care in the year ahead I’m confident that we will continue to shine.


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