Diversity is in our DNA – and it shows

Once again, I’m thrilled to announce that Osler has been named one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers! This is the fourth year in a row that we’ve been recognized for our unwavering commitment to patient-inspired health care and creating an environment that truly supports dignity and equity for all.

There are many reasons why we are recognized year after year:

  • The entire Osler community – especially our physicians, staff and volunteers including our Board – are committed to creating an environment that allows us to better promote, understand and respect equity in the workplace.
  • Our clearly defined Health Equity Strategy is our roadmap to enhancing diversity and inclusion through improved organization processes that measure and support diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Our language and culturally-appropriate health education in the community and unique clinical and community partnerships are addressing the needs of a diverse and vulnerable patient population.
  • Our comprehensive health equity education sessions and resources are helping to empower staff to engage with issues of equity and inclusion.
  • Our diversity council and advisory groups are creating an environment where positive experiences for patients and staff are common place.

I am very proud of our team at Osler and their tremendous dedication to creating an inclusive workplace for each other and the community we serve.

We’ve also taken our approach to diversity to another level with our Global Health Program. In April 2015, a small team from Osler embarked on an exploratory mission to Punjab, India to investigate opportunities to make an impact abroad and bring back learnings to support our local community.

The success of this initial trip has inspired a second tour so we can work collaboratively with three health care partners to provide education and training to clinicians focused on Emergency Services and Mental Health and Addictions. Along with delivering services on the ground, the Osler team will also learn about technology applications and treating large volumes of patients.

A clinical team of physicians, nurses and social workers with experience in the Emergency Services and Mental Health and Addictions fields will travel to India in April. I can’t wait to share their experience with you!

How Central West CCAC, Headwaters and Osler are taking patients from Hospital to Home

When patients return home from the hospital, they sometimes need a little bit of extra support. Osler is working with its partners at the Central West Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) and Headwaters Health Care Centre (Headwaters) – as well as the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) and the Central West Local Health Integrated Network (LHIN) – to meet this need with Hospital to Home (H2H).

H2H is an innovative new model of care that is helping to improve clinical handoffs and information sharing when patients leave hospital and re-enter the community. This means that patients continue to receive short-term nursing care from the same team after they return home. H2H will initially support patients with cellulitis and urinary tract infections requiring short-term nursing interventions, later expanding to support those with more complex needs.

Last week, H2H launched at Brampton Civic Hospital. The program originally launched at Etobicoke General Hospital in December and then at Headwaters in January.

Once fully implemented, H2H will help prevent unnecessary hospital admissions, shorten the length of stay for admitted patients, provide greater continuity of care and ultimately, enhance the patient experience for those we serve.

As one of six integrated programs sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s new bundled funding model, H2H is an excellent example of how different organizations from across the continuum of care can work together to improve access to care that truly benefits patients. And it’s proving to be effective. Since November 2015, more than 135 patients have been enrolled in the program and dedicated H2H nurses have completed over 750 nursing visits in the community.

With each phase of the H2H rollout, the project team gathered feedback from staff and patients to help shape the program even further. Feedback to date has been very positive. Here’s what some H2H patients had to say:

  • I received outstanding care!”
  • My experience was fantastic. Each Nurse was extremely knowledgeable and they arrived in the timeframe as promised.”
  • “I really appreciate this program. You took the time to talk with my wife and comfort her when I did not know what to say to make her feel better.”
  • “You hired the best nurses for the job. They have all been wonderful!

This kind of patient experience is what we strive to achieve. That we are hearing such overwhelmingly positive feedback so early in the life of the program is a wonderful testament to the team’s commitment to providing patient-inspired care!

Your sneak peek inside the new Peel Memorial

This week’s guest blog is from Ann Ford, Joint VP, Facilities and Redevelopment

If you’ve been following Matt’s blog, you’ve likely seen some updates from me on the incredible redevelopment progress at Peel Memorial and Etobicoke General. You’ve no doubt seen what the new Peel Memorial will look like on the outside. Now, we’re ready to unveil how the inside will look.

This past week, Osler staff, physicians and volunteers were invited to take a tour through a perfectly-scaled model of some key activity areas inside the new Peel Memorial at two special Open House events in our very own mock up space. There are plenty of reasons why we go through the trouble to mock up spaces before putting them into action.

  • We want to make sure we plan spaces that work by making sure they are accessible for patients and staff, and the right size to hold all of the equipment and furnishings needed;
  • We need staff to get a feel for their new workspaces so that they can identify any issues and suggest changes well in advance;
  • We want to envision how patients will move through these areas so we can be sure it is comfortable for them; and,
  • We want to avoid any costly mistakes and ensure the new Peel Memorial is the very best it can be!

There was great excitement in the room as people made their way through the spaces and engaged with members of our redevelopment team to learn more about each area and have their questions answered. The feedback we receive will help us refine our designs to ensure they are the best possible spaces for staff, patients and families.

PeelCubicles PeelOR PeelUnitDesks

The past few months have brought plenty of progress to Etobicoke General as well. As we continue to evaluate proposals to build the planned four-storey wing and Ancillary Services Building (ASB), we have begun to prepare the site through our Early Works project. This involves refurbishing our heating and cooling plants, upgrading the normal and emergency power distribution systems, providing structural modifications to support the mechanical system upgrades, and providing integrated building systems connections for the new addition.

There will be some exciting announcements made in the coming months about the growth at Etobicoke General so stay tuned. We look forward to keeping you posted on our progress!