We’ve reached new heights at Peel Memorial – literally!

This week we celebrated ‘Topping off’ at the Peel Memorial site, a momentous milestone in any construction project and certainly a significant and exciting one for Osler and its community.

Topping off is recognized when the full height of the building is reached and the ‘ceremony’ is an age-old tradition that dates back to the days of the Vikings from Scandinavia, prominently featuring an evergreen tree. While it may sound strange, this meaningful custom is a goodwill gesture for the safe completion of construction and is said to ‘bring life into the building’. It is seen as a positive omen to all those involved in its construction.


During Thursday’s event, we also had an opportunity to celebrate a $2.5 million donation – a gift to Osler Foundation from Mr. Sajjad Ebrahim and family. This is the single, largest gift from a family to health care in Brampton to date. The Ebrahim family’s gift will be matched by Orlando Corporation’s $15M Matching Challenge, resulting in $5M for Peel Memorial. We are grateful for this generous gift that will help ensure the community continues to have access to great health care, close to home.

We’re also reaching new milestones at Etobicoke General. To prepare the existing building for expansion, we’re set to begin a series of Early Works projects to upgrade many of our mechanical systems later this summer. In the meantime, we’re wrapping up the parking upgrades to the east of the building as we continue the design consultation process with the three teams selected to bid on constructing the new four-storey wing.

There is so much to look forward to as we work to change the face of Osler and positively impact the delivery of health care in the communities we serve. We will keep you up to date with each new milestone!

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