The Power of Three

There is a principle called the “rule of three” that authors and film-makers often use because it just makes things seem funnier, more satisfying, and more effective than other numbers do. Think of the Three Musketeers or Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I believe there is strength in numbers, which is one reason partnership has become a central focus at Osler.

Last summer, we made a ground breaking announcement that will change the way health care is delivered in the Central West region for the better. Osler joined forces with our partners at Headwaters Health Care Centre (Headwaters) and the Central West Community Care Access Centre (CW CCAC) to integrate our non-clinical functions across all three organizations.

Through this partnership we’re putting patients and families first by finding new and better ways of working together to create an integrated, patient-centric health care system that is easier for people to access, understand, and navigate.

Over the coming year, we will focus on a number of initiatives that will help to link care received in the community and acute health care services provided in a hospital setting. Here are three examples of how we will make it a reality:

Put patients at the centre of their care

By listening to patients we understand that satisfaction is largely based on their experience of how service is delivered, rather than the technical aspects of the medical care they receive. Our goal is to put patients in the Central West region first by providing better care and creating a seamless experience for them as they move throughout the health care system.

To do this, we’re collectively hiring a Chief Patient Experience Officer (CPEO) to work with all three organizations to ensure the patient is at the heart of everything we do and support our collective focus on being leaders and innovators in the area of patient experience.

Improve options for end-of-life care

Together, we’ve identified a strong need for coordinated, individualized and respectful Palliative Care in our region. Through a Joint Palliative Pledge we will commit to transforming and dramatically improving the patient experience for those living with life-limiting illnesses.

Today, the majority of patients die in hospital but most wish to die at home. By taking action together, we can change the way we collectively support patients and families – and enhance the quality of living and dying – by emphasizing respect, dignity and compassion as we support them through this journey.

Take a regional approach to planning

The Central West region is one of the most diverse and fastest-growing in the province, and our organizations share similar challenges. One of the many ways we are working together is illustrated in our regional approach to planning, which supports the delivery of quality, timely health care services.

For the first time, our organizations have begun the process of creating a joint business plan that will build upon our collective accomplishments to further drive us toward achieving our strategic goals. We will also focus on developing strategies and creating innovative solutions to so that we can best serve the patients in our communities.

Shifting from traditional thinking, breaking down barriers, and considering more unconventional methods of collaboration is taking our partnership to a whole other level. While it is still early days, the impact of the changes derive real benefits for the patients we serve.


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