Osler and Headwaters bring dialysis closer to home

Imagine needing to undergo a medical procedure three times a week in order to live. For more than 400 people undergoing dialysis in the Central West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), this is a reality.

Health care providers always want to achieve the best outcomes for patients and providing dialysis treatment closer to home is one way Osler is improving the patient experience. According to the Ontario Renal Network, patients who receive treatment closer to home reported a significantly better score on the dialysis stress portions of medical assessment surveys. More than 94 per cent of dialysis patients in our region travel less than 30 minutes for treatment.

This concept of providing “care closer to home” resulted in the Ontario Renal Network orchestrating a collaboration between Osler and Headwaters Health Care Centre (Headwaters) bringing the Orangeville hospital under the umbrella of the Chronic Kidney Disease Program for the Central West LHIN. This new arrangement gives patients who come to Headwaters for dialysis treatment access to the same high quality kidney specialists at both Headwaters and Osler, closer to where they live. This partnership creates an environment that enables:

  • Better coordination of services and continuity of care across the region
  • Support for the best practice model for patients with kidney disease
  • Expanded access to wide range of clinical, education and support resources
  • A higher health-related quality of life for patients who travel shorter distances for treatment

In three short months we will be moving into the third year of our Strategic Plan. And as we do, Osler will continue to explore innovative opportunities with our partners that are mutually beneficial to patients in our region and help to bring patient-inspired care closer to home. Our recent partnership with the renal program at Headwaters is just one example of how this approach is having a profound impact on patients.


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