Fostering bold, new partnerships in health care


A new partnership is unfolding with the potential to benefit patients in our community, across Canada, and around the world.

On Monday, October 7, Osler will be hosting an event to announce a new partnership with Canadian Blood Services. The event will recognize Osler as only one of four hospitals in Canada – and the only community hospital – that will help Canadian Blood Services build a national public cord blood bank.

What this means is that over the coming months, we will be working with Canadian Blood Services on creating a collection site for umbilical cord blood at our Brampton Civic site.

We are pleased to partner with Canadian Blood Services on this important initiative. Currently, patients from diverse populations have a greater challenge finding stem cell matches. Given the fact that Osler serves a growing and diverse community, our collection efforts will be significant – benefitting patients by providing additional opportunities for finding a match, and helping to save more lives.

As one of the largest health care providers in the province, this partnership with Canadian Blood Services can help us make a meaningful difference to patients, the communities we serve and beyond. It is an excellent example of Osler’s mandate to foster bold, new partnerships to create a unified system and speaks to Osler’s vision: Patient-inspired health care without boundaries.

As a son, brother, uncle and parent I think that this is a tremendously important initiative and one that we can be proud to have a role in.

We will continue to share more news about our partnership with Canadian Blood Services and about the significant role we have as a collection site in the months ahead.


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