Surges, STEMI and Summertime

While many of us were celebrating the Canada Day long weekend with family and friends, members of our Osler family were working hard, taking care of our community.

Long weekends are known to be among the busiest times for our Emergency Departments (EDs) in particular. This past weekend was no exception with over 1,700 patient visits to both EDs between last Saturday and the holiday Monday.

Our EDs aren’t the only departments managing additional volumes. In our Cardiology department, we have recently expanded our ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction or ‘Code STEMI’ coverage for patients requiring Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI), making it available around-the-clock. Before this service was expanded, patients requiring after-hours code STEMI service were brought to Trillium Health Partners’ hospitals.

For patients experiencing a heart attack due to blocked arteries, timely access to PCI treatment can be a matter of life and death. Guidelines recommend these patients receive the treatment within 90 minutes of presenting at an ED. The move to continuous service means that treatment can be started approximately 30 minutes sooner, and closer to home. This is great news for patients and families in our community.

Our STEMI volumes continue to increase steadily, with more than 75 cases since April 1. This places us in the ranks of other large regional STEMI programs in the GTA.

Currently, both Peel and Toronto EMS services are participating in our 24/7 program, with other EMS services in our LHIN slated to join soon.

I’m excited by our growth and we’ll continue to adapt our services according to the unique needs of our community.

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