Preparing for the holiday season – ED style

As life’s pace picks up considerably as the holidays approach, so does the activity in our two emergency departments (ED). At Osler, we are already beginning to prepare for the expected record number of people who will come through our doors this holiday season.

Osler’s population is constantly growing and changing, which certainly contributes to increased ED activity. Evidence of these changes can be seen in the number of babies that are born each day in Osler hospitals and also in the population of seniors that come through our EDs and outpatient clinics.

Despite the increase in growth and number of visits to our EDs, our length of stay for less acute needs remains better than the provincial target. Nine out of 10 patients with minor conditions received treatment within the provincial target of four hours or less.

When people come into the ED, we understand that they want to be in and out as quickly as possible. Our staff, physicians and volunteers are committed to making sure we try our best to do this, while providing safe and compassionate care. They also continue to look for ways to refine and fine-tune how we deliver care in our EDs so that we can improve our services moving forward.

In September, Osler added more emergency department physician hours to help respond to the need for care and to more effectively manage length of stay. In addition, Osler is implementing an education strategy to help people better understand their options when seeking health care in the community.

Information is now available on our website about how to prepare for the holidays when it comes to your health. This includes some tips to help safeguard your care while at home, and what to expect in the ED if you need to visit. The ED video that we created earlier this year is also a great resource to help familiarize people with the ED so they understand what happens there on a typical day.

We do expect to be busy in our EDs in the time ahead but we are committed to providing our patients with safe and timely care while they are with us. Please continue to visit our website for the latest information about our ED initiatives and ongoing service improvement efforts across our organization.

I’ll be back blogging in the New Year. Until then, best wishes for a very happy and healthy holiday season.

Calling all members of the community!

At Osler, we are proud to be part of a group of health care partners who are committed to helping improve health care services across the region. Leaders from Headwaters Health Care Centre (HHCC), the Central West Community Care Access Centre (CCAC), Region of Peel, and Osler participate in regular meetings to discuss local health initiatives and to explore ways of better integrating care to meet the needs of our growing and diverse communities.

Next week, Osler, in partnership with HHCC, Central West CCAC, Region of Peel Health Services and the Central West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) is hosting an interactive ‘Telephone Town Hall’ meeting to connect with residents across the region in order to engage them in a conversation about local health care services. The event will be held on Tuesday December 11 from 7:10 p.m. to 8:10 p.m.

The purpose of the Telephone Town Hall is to help area residents better understand what Osler and each of its partners do and how we work together to provide health services to the community. It will also give residents an opportunity to provide Osler and its partners with input into future directions, as well as feedback around how we might be able to better meet the needs of patients and their families in our growing and diverse communities.

Anyone can sign up for the Telephone Town Hall. We will also randomly select thousands of households across the region that will be invited to join the call.

If you would like to ensure you are called as part of the Telephone Town Hall, please call 905-494-2120 ext. 50200 or send an email with your telephone number to by Monday, December 10.

We are looking forward to coming together with our partners to host this event and to have a chance to hear from members of our communities. This is an unprecedented opportunity to connect with thousands of residents across our region and to better understand their health service needs. We hope that as many from the community as possible will join us for the call.