Emergency Department flow

When people come to the Emergency Department (ED) they want to receive care as quickly as possible. That is our goal at Osler and we are constantly refining and fine-tuning how we do things throughout the hospital to make sure patients receive the best care in the timeliest way.

Every day about 600 people come through the doors of our two EDs seeking treatment and care and Osler’s staff responds by ensuring that every patient gets the best care possible. It takes an incredible amount of teamwork and coordination to move patients both through the ED and to other areas of the hospital, when needed.

Based on numbers we are doing as well as, or better than other hospitals in Ontario.  This past Thanksgiving weekend, we saw 1,506 people in our EDs, and we performed on par with, or better than, the provincial average in every area with a target, including wait times and discharges.

Nine out of 10 patients with minor conditions received treatment within the provincial target of four hours or less. We have consistently been better than the provincial target for a number of months, and to improve the length of time from registration to discharge in the ED, we increased the amount of physician coverage in September.

We are also asking patients and families about their experience while in the ED.  We receive feedback from about 1,000 people a month through these surveys. This information is shared with our front line teams delivering care so that we can make any adjustments necessary to improve service.

We’re also conducting surveys with ED patients upon discharge.  This feedback gets shared with our front-line staff in real time so that we know what our patients want and we can make changes quickly and respond to what matters most to you.

I always point people to the ED video we created earlier this year.  It’s a great way to familiarize people with the ED so they understand what happens there on a typical day.

Service excellence is a priority for Osler.  I’m proud of the way we’ve been making progress and I look forward to continuing to improve and enhance our services in the time to come.

Building leadership from within

It’s been said that a change in leadership is among the most important changes an organization will experience.

Osler is in the fortunate position of having many strong leaders at all levels of the organization who are accomplished in their chosen fields and passionate about the delivery of excellent care. In times when we experience changes in senior leadership, we are committed to drawing upon our leadership talent first and placing them where they are needed most.

We value developing and promoting talent from within, even if it’s needed on an interim basis to ensure it’s business as usual for patients, staff, physicians and volunteers.

In early August, Dr. Naveed Mohammad was recruited as VP, Medical Affairs. Following an extensive search, we hired from within. To support this change, Dr. Oscar Karbi was named interim Chief of Emergency Medicine.

More recently, Joanne Flewwelling, James Moolecherry and Joan Jickling assumed new, interim responsibilities as senior leaders of the organization as a result of Liz Buller’s move to St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto.

These leadership changes are excellent examples of how we build leadership at Osler. Our philosophy is to give highly-capable leaders the opportunity to contribute their strategic insights and expand their responsibilities. Osler can only grow stronger as an organization by adopting this kind of approach to leadership change, because everyone succeeds when we broaden our knowledge, expertise, relationships and experiences.

We work very hard to attract and retain the very best at all levels in the organization – and sometimes good people leave. We take enormous pride in knowing that they’ve given their best to Osler and now it’s their time to serve elsewhere.

It’s a very busy and exciting time across Osler! Check back with us often for the latest news and information about community events and activities.