Osler’s Early Detection of Lung Cancer Program

Recently, The Etobicoke Guardian wrote a great article featuring an Osler patient and his experience with a new and unique program that is being run out of our hospital.  

This program, the first of its kind in the province, played a part in saving his life.

Mr. Tarantini’s smile in the article’s photo speaks volumes, don’t you think? It’s clear that he is happy about his journey and where he is now. I can only imagine the kind of emotions he has gone through over the past few months; likely shock and disbelief at the news of the diagnosis; anxiety and fear upon hearing the word, ‘cancer’; optimism and hope at the prospect of surgery; and now – relief and appreciation of the excellent care he received as part of the program.

Mr. Tarantini was the first to undergo early-stage lung cancer surgery through Osler’s new Early Detection of Lung Cancer Program. The program has been up and running since February and is already turning out some impressive results.

Mr. Tarantini was feeling tired and run-down when he was referred to one of the program’s founders, Dr. Kashif Irshad, a thoracic surgeon at Osler. Following some tests, Mr. Tarantini was diagnosed with lung cancer. Because Dr. Irshad was able to diagnose the cancer before it became truly symptomatic, the cancer was considered ‘early-stage’. Thanks to its early identification as part of the program, Mr. Tarantini didn’t require any additional treatment and is currently recovering nicely following his surgery.

Stories like this are always great. Not only do they show innovation and a commitment to great patient care, it shows that the heart we put into our work yields real results.

Dr. Irshad and Dr. Marc Ossip, Osler’s site chief of radiology at Etobicoke General Hospital, should be commended for their passion and dedication in establishing this program. The plan is to screen 700 high-risk patients like Mr. Tarantini every year. I’m looking forward to blogging on this topic and sharing its continued success with you.

Building Osler

We’ve posted some very cool shots showing our demolition progress at Peel Memorial on our external website. A special camera snaps photos every 10 minutes giving us a real time account of the activities on site. It’s exciting to see how far we’ve come since February when demolition began! Demo is about 65-70% complete and all remaining above-ground work should be finished by September.

One way we keep our community up-to-date with our progress is through the media. We’re holding a media tour of the Peel site at the end of the month. Ann Ford, VP of Development and Support Services, along with AIM (one of our contractors), will be leading the tour through a ‘Safe Zone’ – an area which will be cordoned off with temporary fencing. This gives the media a chance to take pictures and ask questions.

Last week, we started to put our Vision for Peel Memorial to paper. I joined an inspiring ‘Visioning’ session for the new Integrated Health and Wellness Centre. There were more than 100 people in attendance representing Osler  physicians, nurses, support staff, and volunteers; representatives from our Board of Directors, Community Advisory Councils; partners at the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Infrastructure Ontario, the Central West LHIN, City of Brampton and the Region of Peel; and community health care partners, community leaders, and architects and planners.

All in all our redevelopment team has been quite busy with Peel Memorial. And, the year ahead will be another active one for them.

  • At EGH  infrastructure improvements will continue over the next 12-18 months. We are upgrading items such as the hospital’s gas main and emergency isolation systems, and adding air handling units and new duct work. This work is critical to preparing the building for full-scale redevelopment, starting with the construction of the hospital’s new four-storey wing. However, it’s not just about what’s happening behind the walls, it’s also about folks getting used to their new work spaces like the modern, new laboratory that opened up earlier this summer.
  • At BCH, the redevelopment team is involved preparing space for all the new programs and services we offer to the community. Coming up next: the Mental Health Emergency Services Unit (MHESU) with eight beds is scheduled to open in October.

We are working hard to renovate, revitalize and expand our facilities and services to meet the needs of our community today and into the future. It may feel like a long and dusty journey, because it is. We are happy you are along for the ride!