Five common flu questions answered

This week’s guest blogger is Dr. Sergio Borgia, Osler’s Medical Director and Corporate Division Head of the Infectious Diseases and Infection Prevention & Control Program.

Flu season is back again. Year after year, this persistent virus just can’t seem to take the hint to stay away. And while the strain may sometimes be difficult to predict, the timing of its arrival is not.

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Behind the scenes in Osler’s lab

4.5 million! That’s how many tests are run in Osler’s three labs every year. This behind-the-scenes work has front-line impact, providing physicians with the information they need to diagnose and treat patients.

Medical Lab Technologist Maria DeOliveira shares more about the important work that happens in Osler’s labs in this week’s CEO vlog.

Hat’s off to William Osler’s 1,200 volunteers

During National Volunteer Week, please say ‘thank you’ to our volunteers

This week’s guest blogger is Brenda Bushey, Director, Board & Volunteer Relations

If you work at Osler or have ever visited one of Osler’s hospitals as a patient, family member, or visitor, then you have likely have already met or worked with one or more of Osler’s 1,200 amazing volunteers. We simply couldn’t deliver the patient-inspired care we do, every day, without them!

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